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DISKAD Integreret opvaskemaskine, IKEA 700, 60 cm

DISKAD Integreret opvaskemaskine, IKEA 700, 60 cm – IKEA

DISKAD. DE da Brugsanvisning. Opvaskemaskine. Page 2. 6WDUW. 5HVHW VHF. $ % &. Page 3. da. 3. Indholdsfortegnelse. daBrugsanvisning.

DISKAD Integreret opvaskemaskine, IKEA 700, 60 cm Vandbesparende opvaskemaskine med alle de funktioner, du har brug for. Når I er mange mennesker omkring spisebordet, har du brug for en effektiv opvaskemaskine med stor kapacitet. Den er støjsvag, så I kan snakke efter middagen uden at blive forstyrret.



Begrænsning af brugerkreds. Dette apparat kan bruges af børn, der er fyldt 8 år, samt af personer med begrænsede fysiske, sensoriske eller psykiske.



Ikea SBE8596Z0E/01 (404.754.16 DISKAD) opvaskemaskine nødvendig reservedel? ☆ 1+ reservedele, der kan leveres. ☆ Levering næste dag* ☆ Kunder giver os en …

Test: Ikea Diskad (404.754.16) – Forbrugerrådet Tænk

Test: Ikea Diskad (404.754.16) | Forbrugerrådet Tænk

Se, hvordan produktet scorer i Forbrugerrådet Tænks uvildige test og sammenlign med andre opvaskemaskiner. Find testvindere og se alle testresultaterne her.

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Manual Ikea DISKAD (36 sider) – PDFmanualer.dk

Manual Ikea DISKAD (36 sider)

Manual Ikea DISKAD. Se Ikea DISKAD manualen gratis eller stil dit spørgsmål til andre Ikea DISKAD ejere.

Ikea SBE8596Z0E/01 (404.754.16 DISKAD) opvaskemaskine …

IKEA DISKAD ( BOSCH ) – Integrated dishwasher 404.754.16 …

DISKAD integrated dishwasher IKEA 700 60 cm | IKEA Latvija

5 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.A dishwasher saves both water and energy, compared to hand washing that usually requires 5 times as much water. If the dishwasher still makes all your dirty dish sparkling clean? Of course!Energy efficient dishwasher with mineral drying, which means that special minerals in the machine produce heat and dry the dishes efficiently.The dishwasher has a function that detects the amount of dishes in the dishwasher and how dirty they are and adjusts the water volume based on this.The dishwasher has several different optional functions, including one that shortens the washing time when you’re in a hurry and quickly need clean porcelain.The Time Beam on Floor function shows how much of the program’s time remains with a beam of light projecting the time on the floor.A muffled sound signal indicates when a program is finished.The delayed start function of up to 24 hours allows you to run the dishwasher when you want. LED lighting in the dishwasher provides a nice and convenient light when you put dishes in and take dishes out.The dishwasher has 3 levels, which makes it extra spacious and dishes are easier to organise.Since the inner holders for glasses and plates can be folded down, you can transform both the upper and lower racks to be flat in order to make space for large objects.The upper rack can be set at 3 different heights, so you can adjust it based on what is being washed.Water stop system detects any leakage and automatically stops water flow.Equipped with electric salt indicator. The softener makes limy water soft for best dish-washing result and prevents harmful scale forming in the dishwasher.

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